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OneNote Clipper is a browser extension for the Microsoft service that's used to save and organize notes and all types of web content. Once installed, it lets you save anything that you find on the Internet to your account, like links to webpages, screenshots of any part of the screen, or a simplified version of notes on the site.

It works in a very simple way: when you find something interesting on the web, you just have to click on the icon on the toolbar on the upper-right side and a small window will pop up, showing different clipping options. 'Full page' will clip all the contents of the website, ‘Region’ lets you crop a section of the window, and 'Article View' shows a preview of the body of the text you want to clip.

No matter what you choose, you can save the content in any of the sections in your OneNote account. This way you’ll have immediate access to any of the content that you saved from any other device with this service or extension.

You need to have a registered OneNote account.

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